Our Members Carry On

Being locked out of your job is a life challenge. Your income drops, often to zero. But your food, shelter, transportation, utilities and other expenses do not magically disappear. Taking out loans, depleting your savings, trimming all unnecessary costs is stressful and naturally fosters anxiety for the future. If others depend on you, such as your children, the difficulties multiply.

So why do it? Why not just accept whatever your employer demands? A pay cut, lower benefits, less job security even if you’re a good, reliable worker? (John Tory wants no job security for Exhibition Place workers).

Local 58 members would rather be working than walking a picket line. But giving in to Tory’s demands to surrender our jobs permanently is not going to happen. We have families and we have pride.

Here are some “moving selfies” from Local 58 members, talking about their challenges and determination.