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Sisters, Brothers and Friends of IATSE Local 58

Yesterday, IATSE Local 58 and the Board of Governors of Exhibition Place met for the fourth time since City Council ordered them back to the table.  In those four meetings, we have not seen the City move on their position to contract out the jobs of Local 58 members. They continue to try to give our work away, to help line the pockets of their corporate friends.  Meanwhile, Mark Grimes, the Chair of the Board of Governors, continues to attack the members directly by insulting the work that we do across the city.

Local 58 celebrates our 120th anniversary today.  We are celebrating by walking the picket line at Ex Place, the same way we have for the last 48 days and the same way we will until a deal is done and we get back to work.

We need to stay strong and united in this fight.  We need to show those on the Board of Governors and those at City Hall who oppose us that we won’t back down.  We need to show these people come election time that by taking our jobs, we are coming after theirs.

Together we will walk shoulder to shoulder until we are back at work.  Together we will fight back against those who try and hold us down.  Together we will win.

In Solidarity,

Justin Antheunis
IATSE Local 58

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  • Marie Lloyd

    Fight the Good Fight! It’s a fight for human decency.

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