On July 20, 2018, the Toronto Exhibition Place Board of Governors “locked out” IATSE Local 58 members. Management is demanding that Local 58 surrender its longstanding jurisdiction at Exhibition Place so that “replacement” workers can take Toronto jobs and leave town when they are done.

Local 58 says it would be impossible to negotiate away its members’ jobs. We have been willing, however, to bargain in good faith around other contractual issues, such as compensation and work rules. Management has refused to talk about these matters until the union abandons its members and devastates their families. We have even proposed binding arbitration by a neutral third party. That offer has been flatly turned down.

A legal picket line has been set up around the entrances to Exhibition Place. We’d rather be negotiating, as we have for more than 60 years. But Mayor John Tory’s hand-picked Board has said no. We ask for understanding and support from our fellow Torontonians.

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